Variable speed pumps are a great choice for most pools. Learn what the main benefits are and whether a variable speed pump is the right solution for you.


main benefits

melhor filtração
Better and quieter filtration
fácil e conveniente programação
Easy and convenient programming
energy saving

Variable speed pumps save you energy and money!

This is obviously the most important benefit of variable speed pumps. Conventional speed pool pumps always run at the full power available when they are switched on, but with a variable speed pump it is possible to control the operating power, so that when needs are lower, resources are not wasted.

Variable speed pumps are extremely efficient, most are Energy Star certified. This efficiency saves you money in the form of a lower electric bill as well as reduced wear and tear on equipment.

However, are the savings achieved really enough to justify the initial purchase cost? In short, yes! It is widely demonstrated that variable speed pumps save up to 80% of the annual costs of conventional pumps. It can thus recover the value of the pump in less than two years.

Filter better and more quietly!

With a variable speed pump, your water is constantly moving around the pool all day, usually at a slower speed. Moving water is healthier, and the slower water flow allows the filter to more easily catch debris and particles.

This slower speed also means quieter operation. Some conventional pumps create a lot of noise when they are running, potentially disruptive to you and your neighbors. The truth is, faster speeds are only needed for the most demanding tasks, which means most of the time, your pool can be the oasis of tranquility you\'re looking for.

Bombas de velocidade variável