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Pool cover buying guide

Features and benefits

Pool covers use light, particularly sunlight, to heat the water in your pool. Outdoor, in-ground pools absorb up to 85% of direct sunlight from the surface of the water. During the day, heat retention is not a problem, however, when the pool is not in direct sunlight, it can lose a lot of its stored energy and heat.

A pool cover optimizes the absorption of solar energy significantly and conserves heat by keeping it in the water. It can raise the temperature up to 7 degrees in a week. According to the ENERGY STAR agency, covering a pool when not in use is the best way to save on heating costs.

Even a sheet of plastic can help capture direct sunlight in an outdoor pool, but solar covers have air pockets that magnify the collection before emitting it to the cooler water below. Solar covers are passive devices that capture energy when placed in direct sunlight. They then help to insulate the pool surface with air to minimize heat loss after sunset.
Instead of thinking of solar coverage as an additional cost, think of it as an investment. Its cost is recovered monetarily with all the chemicals saved and energetically keeping the heat in the water.

Order your coverage at Onpool

If you are thinking of purchasing a cover, we would like to congratulate you on this decision. You are taking the first step towards a pool that is easier to maintain, more economical and more enjoyable to enjoy.

First of all, it\'s important to fit your coverage into one of two categories, normal or special. These designations refer respectively to pools of the following type:


Formatos de Coberturas
After identifying the type of cover, it is necessary that you indicate the dimensions of the interior of your pool.
Example for normal rectangular pool: 10 meters x 4 = 40 m2
Example for special pool: attach pool drawing with all internal measurements.
If your pool has round corners, please send us the radius as shown below:
Formatos de Coberturas
We also need to know what type of stairs:
Typology: Roman / Straight / Stainless steel / Other
dimensions: Length x width.
Attach drawing with stair location and details.
You can send the above information to the email:

Conditions of use and warranty coverage

Isothermal bubble covers:
2 year warranty for standard 400 micron isothermal covers
3-year warranty for reinforced isothermal covers
3 years warranty for 400 micron double bubble isothermal covers
4 year warranty for 500 micron double bubble isothermal covers
5 years warranty for double bubble transparent solar cover
2 years warranty


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