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Winterize your pool

By preparing your pool for the coldest season, you will ensure that summer starts in the same conditions as it ended. Winterize your pool using the following tips to minimize off-season maintenance time.


When making the decision to close your pool for the winter, follow these steps:

- Clean the worst and biggest waste from your pool using a net.

- Vacuum your pool carefully to remove excess dirt and algae.

- Lower the water level to 15 to 30 centimeters below the skimmer to accommodate rainwater. (this is only necessary if you don\'t have an overflow system)

- Adjust the pH if necessary; the ideal pH in a pool in the process of being prepared for winter is between 7.4 and 7.6.

- Adjust calcium hardness and total alkalinity levels to prevent your pool surface from being stained.

- Super-chlorinate the water to approximately 10 ppm (you may have to add 20g of stabilized chlorine for every 1000 liters (1 m3) of water).

Add the right chemicals

There are specific chemicals available that can be added to your pool to help with the wintering process. These products are long-lasting algaecides that will protect your pool from algae and increase the level of chlorine and alkalinity to help keep your pool clean during the winter.

Empty filtration equipment

Start by backwashing the filter completely before turning it off. Remove and store the skimmer basket. Remove the filter bottom plug to drain the tank. Remove the plug valve, lid and basket from the pump and store for the duration of the winter. If possible, remove the pump and store it as well.

Disconnect heat pump and remove drain (plug if included/equipped).

If your filter is placed below the water level, insert winter plugs into all fittings and open all valves to drain the system.

Drain automatic chlorinator, if fitted, remove chlorine and empty with water.


Don\'t try to save money by using your solar cover - cooling and even freezing in colder parts will lead to damage to the cover and you will have to replace it sooner than you normally would. Instead, clean it, dry it, wrap it and protect it with plastic, storing it in a dry, safe place.

There is a range of winter covers specifically designed to protect your pool in the winter.

Wintering the pool can take some work, but it will prevent much of the work needed when you have to reopen the pool again in the spring. Remember to use an appropriate chemical.

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